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Consulting services on water supply technologies

Our company provides consulting services for development, design and installation of special hydraulic technologies…..

Systems and equipment sales and marketing

This service includes the purchase, sale and marketing, in general, of plumbing systems and telemetry systems….

Systems and equipment promotion services

Our company provides promotion services and sales services of all the water supply, plumbing and telemetry materials and systems…

Special leakage detection system

Invisible leaks account for more than 90% of the total volume of real losses. Small hidden leaks, which often run for years….


Welcome to the website of i2water

Our company specializes in providing high quality water supply, water processing services and products, having ensured the cooperation with the biggest product manufacturing companies.

The vision we have is to provide optimized water in urban and suburban areas using a holistic approach, having the values of leadership, moral responsibility, excellence, innovation, partnership and purity.

Lifetime Investment Planning

We ensure the future, by having invested in complete system solutions of advanced water supply systems.  Our services are tech-based and significantly improve our customers’ financial and operational efficiency.

We provide fresh water, lower energy consumption and lower contamination risks, ensuring health and quality of the number one necessity for life, water.