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About us

Our company

i2water, was established with the vision of ensuring its customers an abundance of fresh water and excellent water supply equipment through efficient management of the existing fresh water resources. Undoubtedly, water is the most important resource on earth and its provision to every human should be ensured by qualified water supply services. Also, the mismanagement of drinking water leads to water loss from the urban supply systems, so their efficiency is a critical factor for sustainability and cost-effectiveness of the water supply, to benefit people, the community and the environment.

Our Vision

Our philosophy and mission is to provide total solutions in water provision systems and equipment in our country. Our services are technology-based and significantly improve our customers’ financial and operational efficiency, providing fresh water, lower energy consumption and lower risks of contamination, ensuring health and quality of the drinking water. We do not just provide the market with well-know water supply equipment and services, but also try to carry expertise and innovation from the most developed markets around the world to our customers.


Our staff and personnel are responsible, well-educated and highly trained, providing consulting, full project planning, on site execution and maintenance services. Since its establishment, i2water approaches its vision to provide optimized water in urban and suburban areas using a holistic approach, having the values of leadership, moral responsibility, excellence, innovation, partnership and purity.